About Us

Mittihub is a social venture, attempting to bring in a change in the handicraft industry. Here we are reviving the dying art form of pottery. Since time immemorial we can see the use of terracotta pottery. The use of traditional handmade substances is always part of Indian households.

But with the advent of new substitutes, we lost our traditional roots. Nowadays, we are using cheap and easy-to-maintain substances irrespective of their harmful effects on our health and environment.

To re-establish this lost connection, Mittihub is bringing terracotta products updated according to the contemporary demands of the consumers. Mittihub aims to revive this old art form by enhancing it with new tech advancements and modern-day designs.

It is not only the art that is in our focus but also the ‘artist’  whom we want to bring attention to. The majority of our artists are trapped in the exploitative traps of middlemen. So we are creating a platform that will eliminate the role of middlemen.  Therefore, providing a hassle-free procurement of sustainable livelihood to the artists.


Our Vision!

Our vision is to foster the needs of the underprivileged artisanal community of our country. We are focused on bridging the gap between the artists and their customers; intending to raise the living standards of the artisans